Friday, March 27, 2015


The last two weeks we have talked about appreciation.  Appreciating myself. A group member looked up the definition of "appreciate" and it meant to "ascribe value to and to recognize its impact."  Now take that definition of appreciate and apply it to yourself.  Not easy, is it?  The following came directly from the nugget last week and was so powerful as the discussion unfolded:

"We may have walked through much of our life apologizing for ourselves either directly or indirectly, feeling less valuable than others, believing that they know better than we do, and believing that somehow others are meant to be here and we are not."

That sums up how I spent a good twenty five years of my life.  This is also directly from the nugget and it is the encouraging hope for those of us still stuck in the place described above:

"We have a right and a responsibility to be here and to be ourselves.  There is a purpose, a reason and a intention for our life.  We do not have to apologize for being here or being who we are.  We have spent too much time being ashamed, being apologetic and doubting the beauty of ourselves.  Be done with it.  Let it go.  It is an unnecessary burden.  Others have rights and responsibilities, but so do we.  We are neither less than nor more than.  We are equal.  We are who we are.  That is who we were intended to be."

God, help me learn to love and appreciate myself.  Help me give myself validity instead of looking to others to do that.

1. How can you validate yourself?
2. Define 5 things you appreciate about yourself.

I am excited to tell you that Christiane Matey, our HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition leader has a new blog herself and welcomes you all to visit, make yourselves at home and ask any questions you may have.

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