Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Our happiness is not a present someone else holds in his or her hands.  Our well-being is not held by another to be given or withheld at a whim.  If we try to force someone to give us what we believe he or she holds, we will be disappointed.  We will discover that it’s an illusion.  That person didn’t hold it.  He or she never will.  That beautifully wrapped box with the ribbon on it that we believed contained our happiness that someone else was going to give us, is really an illusion.

In those moments when we are trying to reach out and force someone to stop our pain and create joy for us; if we can find the courage and faith to stop flailing about and instead stand still and deal with our own issues, we will find happiness.

Yes, it’s true that if someone steps on our foot, he or she is hurting us and therefore holds the power to stop the pain by removing his or her foot.  But the pain is still ours.  So it is our responsibility to tell someone to stop stepping on our feet.

Healing comes when we are aware of how we attempt to use others to stop our pain and create our happiness for us.  This awareness helps us heal from the past and we receive insights that can change the course of our relationships.

We will see that all along, our happiness and our well-being have been in our own hands.  We have held that box.  The contents are ours for the opening. That we run from the most is what we create in our lives.


How have you expected others to create your happiness? 

Define your happiness; what does it look like?  What does it feel like?  How can you own your own happiness?

What would you fill your happiness gift box up with?  Draw a box and add contents.


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