Thursday, January 22, 2015

Those Dreaded Feelings

One thing I am certain of as I have walked this unfolding journey of lifestyle change is this; Emotions get a bad rap.  Feelings seem to be the thing most of us are most afraid of.  Why is that? Well I'm sure I can answer that. . . because they don't "feel" good!!! It has been the reason I have used food to stuff them or silence for many years of my life.  As I continue to embrace this journey, I have come to understand one thing for certain.  The emotions I have been given are a gift from God that He hard-wired in me for my benefit.  Notice the words gift and benefit? Let me remind us all that feelings are there to tell me I need something.  As we venture on on our journey of lifestyle change, one of the treasures we are seeking is our emotional self that has long been intentionally piled under years of life. 

Talk about how you see your feelings or emotional self.  Do you see it as a terrible painful thing to run from or a treasure that you are seeking to help identify the needs in your life. If I'm guessing, you are somewhere in the middle.  Write about where you are and why. 

HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrtion
Thank you for a great turn out for HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition.  We touched upon a lot of information regarding nutrition and lifestyle change.  Here are some highlights:

-          Where do calories come from?  Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats and YES alcohol.  Water, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals do not have calories.

-          Find your BMR.  This is the base calories you need if you laid in bed all day.  You can find your number online at,

-          1 pound of fat = 3500 calories or 500 calories per day.  Which means you need to be more active or to eat less calories in order to lose weight per week.  For example, I need 1650 calories just for my body to function.  If I ate 1150 calories per day I would lose 1 pound a week.  I could also eat 1650 calories and burn 500 calories per day and lose 1 pound a week. 

-          Check out  This is a wonderful tool to help you journal and reach your goals.  They will do the calculations for you on your BMR and weight loss goals.  We have a class just on journaling coming up but I am open to questions anytime.

Our next meeting we will talk about preparation.  How to plan your week and set yourself up for success. Please feel free to post any questions on the blog.  You can also send me a private message at


Antoinette said...
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Antoinette said...

Thanks for sharing, Julie! I'm so glad that this community acknowledges that emotions lead us. For years I have "made up my mind," determined to do something consistently to establish a new habit - only to be sabotaged by the first emotional upheaval or trauma coming my way. I've observed it in others' lives, too. The heart overrides the head: in love and in other ways.

For years, I just stopped making New Year's resolutions for this reason: because it didn't matter what I thought I wanted as much as how I truly felt underneath it all. Until integrity between my head and my heart began forming, nothing changed. Now I know that as much as I may say I need to change something, I don't berate myself if my heart isn't in it - yet. Now I work on my "want to" before I try to force an issue. Now I look at WHY the "want to" is present first to determine if it is truly MY desire or someone else's - whether society's or that of a close personal friend. It's a much kinder way of dealing with myself in the long run.

Knowing my emotional self, I'm getting better at doing the things that alleviate anxiety/stress and give me joy - like bubble baths or coloring with crayons in my coloring books or sipping a hot cup of tea. Then there are the times I can’t do any of those things because I'm out in mixed company. I did decide to cut myself some slack. While it's not ideal, eating a bagel does not indict me and doom me to eternal failure. This is a huge breakthrough for me. Since I released myself from condemnation and self-grudges, I find I don't emotionally eat as often now that my heart is freer. I can feel my feelings without the dread overeating every single time.

I'm learning that feeling my feelings won't kill me, but the stress from stuffing them will! So whatever it takes for my heart to be free, I'm now willing to let it go!!! With all my heart, I now WANT to FEEL better and HEALTHY! Thanks for allowing me share :-)

Christiane Matey said...

I just wanted to clarify to those that had asked about faro. Yes, it has gluten so it is not gluten free. Here are some grains that are gluten free, rice, millet, sorghum, buckwheat and tuff. I plan to experiment with these grains to see how they taste etc. I will report back.

Christiane Matey said...

Here's a quick read on negative thoughts on eating. I love this article and it really hits home for me. I thought I would share.