Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fear and love

The last two weeks in HOPE have been extremely powerful and encouraging.  Two weeks ago we began to uncover the root of fear. Very much like soldiers in a war rely on fear to survive, many of us relied on fear in our past to protect ourselves and it served us well.  However, now it is time to recognize how that fear may be driving our behavior in an unhealthy way and to be willing to look past the fear and see what's there. As adult women striving towards health and wellness, we don't need to carry the fears from the past into lifestyle change in the present. It just doesn't work. We can listen to our healthy rational fears and let go of the rest.

1. What are your old fears that helped you survive? Survive what? How does it drive your behaviors today? Name the behaviors.

Last week we talked about loving ourself which can be a difficult topic for many reasons.  This is at the core of our journey. Many of us substitute self-esteem for what we wear or drive or the money we have.  And many of us have confused body image with self-esteem.  We can learn to love and accept ourselves, in fact it is just paramount. This is the birthing ground of self care and compassion. If we are not sure of who we are, then it is time to embark on the wonderful discovery.

1. How do I discover who I am? How do I decide who I am? Are they the same?

EXTRA: A group member shared this observation in her own journey and it was a profound question that I want to share. Wow! Please take a moment to ponder this is your own life journey:
   "What if I wasn't afraid to love myself?"

HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition
Today we had a great session all about preparation.  Here are some guidelines we covered:
-          Clean out the cabinets and fridge
-          Identify “kryptonite” foods
-          Make a weekly menu and shopping list with
       everyone in the household
-          Ask family to chime in and help
-          Stick to the grocery list
-          Allow yourself 1 treat a week, as long as it’s not a
       “kryptonite” food
-          Shopping and prep need some time so make sure you allow
       yourself a few hours
Upon returning from the store:
-          Take everything out of the bags
-          Put away items that aren’t needed
-          Cook items for the week
-          Start with long cooking time items first like roasts, meats,
       vegetables and grains
-          Prepare vegetables and fruit, clean, slice, chop or dice
-          Put away in clear easy to see containers for quick access
Here are some suggestions for staple items:
-          Roasted lean protein like chicken, turkey and fish
-          Soups, Stews and Chili's
-          Salads and various sliced diced vegetables
-          Berries (frozen) and low fat yogurts for smoothies or snacks
-          Lots of fruit like apples, citrus, pears and bananas on the
       counter for quick snacking
-          Individual packs of nuts, trail mix and snack items
-          Whole grains as salads or side dishes
-          Whole grain breads
-          Low fat cheeses and dairy
-          Raw veggie options with dips like humus or yogurt
-          Eggs and egg whites
-          Low fat ground meats like turkey, chicken and beef

Next class we will discuss portion sizes and journaling.  We also came up with a new lesson in class called "this or that" that will follow portion sizes and journaling.  We will talk about how we can make healthier choices rather than avoiding certain foods altogether.   

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