Thursday, January 15, 2015

Recognizing Choices

Why is it so hard to believe that there is any space between ALL and NOTHING. Black or white.  Night or day.  Why is it also so hard to believe that middle ground is where the battles are won.  Where success is found.  Where peace from this raging racket of emotional overeating resides and where lasting lifestyle change can be achieved.  This week in HOPE we talked about the power of choices.  When I have that feeling of being trapped, I can know that it's a symptom of codepndency.  It might sound like this; "I have to take him" or "I'll always be overweight" or "I have to say yes".  I can know with certainty that I am choosing NOT to choose.  Even when I feel like there are no choices (the all or nothing place), there are always choices.  Always.  Those choices are what lead us into the middle ground where health and wellness can be found.  I am striving for progress, not perfection.  I am striving for better.  Better is found in the middle ground, which is the very ground that lasting lifestyle change occurs.  Watch out for the rocks and cliffs of all or nothing, and walk towards the safer middle ground where you can see the choices of your life!

The tool this week is:
a. What choices on your journey of lifestyle change seem to be the hardest to maintain?
b. What would create consistency for you?
c. What would block consistency for you and why?

HOPE Lifestyle - Fitness was just wonderful this week.  Laura Trumbull did an amazing job of leading us in dance fitness for the hour.  I'm not sure the last time we all had so much fun together!! 

HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition
Here is a note from Christiane who leads our HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition class:

Thinking ahead.....
Next week we have a great HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition class.  This is a nutrition class where I will help simplify the complicated world of nutrition in a manner that give you the tools for success.  It will typically be in a discussion form. We will touch upon things like portion control, journaling, preparation and other items which will be classes to come in the next few months.  I HOPE to see you all there.

For your calendars ahead......
Feb 4 - Preparation: The Keys to Success
Feb 18 - Portion Control and Journaling
March 4 - Dining Out
March 18 - Recipe's and Tasting
April 1 - Smoothie's

This is your class, so please feel free to let us know if there is something you would like more information on.  We can certainly fulfill your needs.

Q and A with Christiane Matey (We will post the question and answer each week on the blog)
Here is a place for you all to ask away, anything you can think of that I can help with your lifestyle change.  I also want to extend my email for those who may have a more private question,  You can email anytime. 

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Janice Lawrence said...

Great Recap, Julie! I hate I missed the fun dancing. I hope it happens again...