Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back in action . . .

First let me say thank you!  Thank you to all of you who sent emails to see where the heck I had disappeared!  I apologize for my extended absense without explanation, but several things occurred at the same time.  Travel, health challenges that are now resolved and family stuff that took my full priority for several weeks.  I truly appreciate the fact that I was missed in action. . .but I am back now and hope to stay in action for the rest of the summer and the rest of the year for that matter! 

I was recently cleaning out some files in my desk at work and found a two page document of nothing but quotes from participants who had attended H.O.P.E. in 2009.  The wealth of knowledge and insights were just incredible.  Now I have hard proof that ya'll are the smartest people I know!!  I wanted to share just a few of these quotes I found and ask you to select the one that really resonates with you right now on your journey of lifestyle change.  Would you please share a few sentences on how someone else's insight rings true for you on your journey? 

*  I can't know the truth until I call the lie out.

*  It's hard to choose to see myself differently.

*  I can be afraid and safe at the same time.  I can be safe, and still feel afraid.

*  It's like Whack-a-Mole trying to stop all the negative thoughts.

*  I'm like a chameleon, changing to match whoever I'm with.

There is such a wealth of information all around us in the H.O.P.E. group ladies and you are what makes it rich!  Have a great week and I'll see you soon!


orcalover said...

I love. You julie and really miss you and the rest of the girls. I am so glad to know you are around. I hope to make it to hope one day soon:)

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Antoinette said...

Hey Julie!

I'm so glad you're back! and that you're okay and things have settled down for you a bit. Missed you so much. Love you lots!

I thought about your comments and took a couple of days to reflect on what's true for me. Finally, it settled on the one that resonates the most is about fear: "I can be afraid and safe at the same time. I can be safe, and still feel afraid."

As a matter of fact, I'm glad to be reminded again. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed, I am paralyzed; then, I'm left wondering why am I not moving forward. Further introspection reveals that it's not always mere laziness but rather there's some form of anxiety that's in the way. It takes awhile for me to talk myself to the safe place sometimes so I can continue on the journey. More often than not I can't afford the luxury of coming to a complete stop, so I press forward even though I feel afraid, inadequate and weak.

This is why I love what you do in the H.O.P.E. support group. I can't tell you what a bright spot in my life it has been even though I've not been able to attend consistently. Sometimes just going back and reading my notes and tools from previous sessions has made all the difference in how I've been able to survive. H.O.P.E. has been a life saver and I am so very thankful. Looking forward to seeing you and all the ladies again.