Friday, August 6, 2010

Slow and Easy

My sister and I were chatting it up on the cell phones when I began bemoaning the fact that I had gained over 40 pounds after our brother's death and I seemed to be stuck and not able to get it off again as easy as I had hoped.  She began telling me about a book she was reading.  It was about change, and why so many people simply cannot change the long ingrained habits that they have in their life.  Of course my ears perked up when I hear something like that!  Sounds like H.O.P.E. stuff to me. She read a sentence out of the book that she said reminded her of what my journey to loose over 200 pounds looked like from her perspective.  She also went on to say that you need to remember that this is what served you so well before, and this is what can serve you well again.

"You have to begin to believe, really believe, the power of small change to make a big difference in your life.  Small change, one at a time, slow and steady, gentle and easy make change a constant in your life.  You are not redefining yourselves, you are refining yourselves, slow and easy"

What can I say, she right!!  Slow and easy, one change at a time.  I DO remember that from before.  Funny how we have to be reminded every now and again of things we already know.  Have a great weekend!

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