Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is a girl to do??

OK, I need your help this week pretty please!  There are several among us who are in a place that ALL of us have been.  They are in that terribly uncomfortable place where eating seems to be out of control and fitness is becoming non-existent.  We have all been in that place and most of you have heard me talk about the 30 pounds I gained after my brother died and it took me a year and a half to get my eating what I would call back in line with where I want it.  I would say the same about fitness.  It took a while for my equalibrium to return and now I feel like it has to the degree it can return after the death of a close family member.  I would like to ask each of you who can answer this.
   *What steps did you take to reel it in? (That means behaviors)

   *How long did it take you to feel like you were on solid ground again?

   *Do you have a "go to" trick that works every time to steer you back on the path?

This is a way to pick your brains about something that we have all been faced with at one time or another.  Believe it or not, there is a wealth of knowledge inside of each of you that will help your fellow group members more than you know.  Please take some time to think about this and share what it is that motivates you during the storm. 

Have a great week


Janice said...

I am looking forward to hearing the responses. I feel like I am struggling since working full time again and I am not back to where I want to be in taking care of myself physically. It has been great to see some of you recently and I hope to be more consistent with my attendance. I think "showing up" is a good first step. Also, thinking about the discussions and doing the homework seem to be helping me to be more aware of my emotions, which are what get me in trouble.

kindra said...

Okay...I've been slow to respond because I haven't been eating too healthy lately and have been feeling gross phyiscally and mentally, as a result; HOWEVER, it is still "well with my
1. Steps to reel me back in: Keep coming to HOPE every week! Acknowledge and face what I'm doing to make unhealthy choices, write a food journal. Remember it's progress, not perfection. Be gentle on myself! Am I eating emotionally or just not taking the time to self-care because I'm too busy with everyone, but myself?!Am I just being lately or in the all or nothing thinking?!
2. It takes me shorter and shorter a time to get back on track because of the HOPE tools I've learned. I feel my feelings, I might journal and while I might know what to do, I may be struggling to take the first step and try, try again!
3. One of the tools that has been helping me most lately is to pause-pray and feel, then figure out what I need and how I can get that need met instead of eating in a numb state. I've been recognizing lately that alot of what I'm eating about I simply can't control and I need to keep the focus on me-the only one I can really control. I am asking God more and more often for help and it's keeping me humble and focused on Him! Also, I am learning I can start over at any time during the day and don't have to wait for Monday or eat the last unhealthy meal one more time! My procrastination and justifications can really pile on the weight!
Overall, I am still on a "rollercoaster ride" on this journey and need to look for the "log ride"...thanks! Your support and sharing makes all the difference!

eilene said...

1)What behavioral steps did I take to reel it in? SLOW DOWN...easier said than done. I really like the AA slogan 'EASY DOES IT' (you've seen the bumper stickers, haven't you?). This helps my mindset get in the place that is helpful to me. The steps that I have taken have been more practical steps of carving out time for myself, even if it means making an appointment on my calendar to spend time with ME. This quiet time I have used as soul-searching to spend time with myself and ask the tough question, "What is eating at me?" (no punn intended). Journaling tremendously helps me get to the root of that question. I journal as if I am having a conversation and can fill up a composition book pretty quickly. Warning: THIS USUALLY RESULTS IN CRYING...which means I have to create a place where I can be alone and uninterrupted, even if it is in my car. I also came to realize that 'If nothing changes (in my life), then nothing changes (in my behavior). IF NOTHING CHANGES, THEN NOTHING CHANGES. During the most difficult times of out-of-control eating, I came to the conclusing (with the help of HOPE) that I had to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make changes in my life....change in job, change in residence, change in relationships, etc...

2)How long did it take me to feel like I was on solid ground? It took me a couple of years. I felt like I had a mess as big as a tangled ball of yarn the size of a Hummer! The Lord helped me develop a plan, and then work the plan....and The Lord helped me to understand that I was not alone, and certainly was not going to tackle the issues in my own strength.I didn't have any strength at the time. Phillipians 4:13 'I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me'. Who strengthens me? Not myself. The Lord used many supportive people in my life to help me and many times those people were unaware of the influence they were having in my life.

3) Do I have a 'go to' trick that works every time to steer me back on path? SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT! When I don't allow myself to 'hide' and keep 'secrets', I begin the path to solid ground again