Thursday, January 14, 2010

H.O.P.E. Highlight

Happy New Year everyone!  OK, OK, I know, it's a day late and a dollar short. . .  . make that two or three dollars short!!  Last week was a challenging week for me in many ways and I couldn't get the Blog post out.  The good news is, that I don't live in that crazy "all or nothing"-ville anymore.  Every now and again I may go there for a very short visit, but I definitely don't live there!!  All or nothing-ville for me simply means living in a place of compulsive behaviors.  I can hear me now in the old days, "I didn't Blog on time, so I will not Blog anymore, ever, at all, ever.  Or maybe even this, "I will Blog every day since I missed a Blog post last week, maybe even twice a day".  Scary, isn't it??  Those are the old, unhealthy behaviors that I choose not to engage in, so here is the post!

This topic seems to keep coming up, and there are a couple of differing views on it.  I am most eager to hear what you think about this.  Someone in group recently asked this question again, and it tends to come up at least a couple of times a year; "when can I expect food to be a non-issue?"  That's the way it was worded this time, but another way of asking the same question might be "When am I done with this journey of lifestyle change, is it after I loose all my weight?"

I do not believe food can become a non-issue because it's not about the food!  Its just not.  It's about learning to feel our feelings and get connected with ourselves while learning and practicing healthy personal and relationship behaviors. While I do believe that we can learn to negotiate lifestyle change and food issues in a way that they no longer completely control our lives, I do not believe that food can ever become a non-issue.  That would imply we could get passed it or totally free from it.  I don't know about ya'll, but I am a professing Christian, born again, saved by grace, sold out to Christ, and I still do not believe food is a non-issue for me.  What I do know is that I can choose to live out of the flesh and give-in to my desire for unhealthy emotional overeating or I can live out of the Spirit, decide to feel my feelings just as it was intended by our Creator, and make healthier choices   Either way. . .   .the choice is mine.  Bottom line, the choice is mine.  As soon as I believe that I am totally free of any fleshly desires, I am setting myself up to fall on my hind end, and believe me, I have choosen to do that more than once on this journey.  I have though, learned to negotiate the journey in a way, that I have not gained my way back to 422 pounds.  The journey IS my goal as KT would say.  The choice IS mine.  Learning as much as I can about nutrition and fitness is my choice.  Trusting God to strengthen me on my journey is what I have chosen.  I have also chosen to recognize that my flesh is not a good thing for me to listen to, but the Spirit of God is!

Do I think I'm still ensnared completely by unhealthy eating behaviors and a lack of fitness?. . .  NO!  Do I think I am passed it, or that food is a non-issue? . . . . NO!  Have I personally recognized that it's not about the food? . . . YES!   Do I believe that I have all  I need to make far more healthier choices than not, regarding food and fitness? .  .  .Absolutely!!  That's the best news of all! 

I would love to hear other perspectives regarding this issue.   Remember, you are the smartest people I know!!! 


Antoinette said...

Happy New Year to you, Julie and everyone in the H.O.P.E. group!

Reading today's blog right now TODAY is exactly what I needed. Thank you for your honest authencity.

So many times, I am able to equate the food issues with other areas of my life where I've repeatedly struggled and failed. In this instance while reading what you wrote, it came clear to me AGAIN that the issue really isn't about food becoming a non-issue like you said, but more to the point about not being distracted by a false hope, unhealthy thought pattern or a wrong expectation. If I don't allow the thought that someday on this planet, it'll just go away and I can go back to doing whatever I want, then I won't be setting myself up for another discouraging failure. God has given me permission and power to make choices, it's up to me to do so wisely.

Thanks for sharing your heart and truth with us. You are a tremendous blessing, and I'm glad you are part of my journey!

Much Love,

Yarbster said...

Thanks so much for the great clarification in writing, Julie - very helpful and encouraging. I'm so glad I'm not in this struggle alone, but have first and foremost Jesus with me every step of the way, and second His tool, YOU Julie, and the others in the HOPE group. Yarbster

kindra said...

For me, if I allow myself to feel victimized by my weight/food issue, watching all my skinny friends eat whatever they want and more than I (at times), then I stay powerless to make healthy choices for myself in eating, exercising and living. For many, MANY years, I lived convinced that if I didn't have a food issue, my life would be perfect and I would be happy. Through HOPE, I am working at learning to LIVE/PARTICIPATE in life, in spite of my food/body issue which really is a symptom and not THE issue, and accept it will always be there. By accepting it, I am consciously aware that I have the choice to address it and not deny it. When I am weak, He is strong! It has served to bring me dependence on God, humility and compassion. Wow--maybe even in accepting it, I am learning to accept myself/my humanity! Thanks!