Friday, January 15, 2010

Contest Winners Announced!

Ok, don't have a heart attack because you are getting two post in one week!  The odds of that happening again are fairly low!  This post is to announce the H.O.P.E. Tshirt Contest winners.  We had a contest that allowed folks to send in the Tshirt color, writing color and the quote that would appear on the back of the shirt.  I am happy to say that we have two first prize winners and one 2nd place winner! 

First Prize Winners
Kelly Bullock
Yarby Williams

Second Prize Winner
Julie Hallman

All three will receive their Tshirt free and Kelly and Yarby will also receive the first prize for their efforts.  Great job to all who entered the contest.  Tshirts will be out in the Spring and you can see the new design.  Thanks for your help in deciding what we will wear on our backs this year!  Have a great weekend!

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Yarbster said...

WOW, I'm thrilled! Yarbster