Friday, January 22, 2010

Practical Ponderings

One of the friends I work with at the Y, Sarah Jane, was sharing this funny story with me yesterday.  She was telling me how she went to meet her then boyfriend, now husband's family, for the first time.  She was excited and nervous as anyone would be.  They had a swimming pool in the back yard and her boyfriend and siblings decided to have some contests in the pool.  One contest was to see who could swim across the pool under water the fastest. Well Sarh Jane thought "I have this in the bag, and they will all be so impressed with me.  She was a swimmer all her life, had been in many swim competitions and couldn't wait to take them on.  She had her contacts in, so just wanted to be sure and remember not to open her eyes and loose a contact.  One you mark, get set, go!  The race began, everyone swimming there hearts out, Sarah Jane's eyes tightly closed, then WHAM!!!  She hit the cement wall, full force, with no hands in front of her to block it.  They pulled her out of the water to administer first aid to her. To hear her tell the story, it was pretty funny and she was not hurt too bad. . . except for her ego! 

That story made me think of our journey of lifestyle change so much.  Many of us are so prepared for this journey, we know what and how to eat, we know about fitness, we know about feelings and so on and so forth.  The only problem is that we walking with our eyes covered!   Our eyes are covered by wounds from our past.  They are covered by false beliefs that were peddled to us as children.  Our eyes are darkened by shame messages that come from a myriad of places.  Our eyes are even dimmed because we hold our own hands up and cover them.  We can have an incredible amount of "knowledge" about lifestyle change and still find it hard to see the path we would like to be on. 

Are you struggling with consistency on your journey?  Could it be that you are having trouble seeing the path?  Can you identify anything in your life that is darkening your view on this journey of lifestyle change?   What can you begin to remove that could increase your visibility.  Do you need help removing something from your eyes?  The above story highlights so clearly that although we can be prepared and skilled and ready, we must be able to somewhat see the direction we want to go!

Have a wonderful week ladies!     

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