Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Julie's Journal

Merry Christmas to everyone!  In the last post, we were talking about the concept that where light is, there simply can be no darkness.  In other words .  .  .  light dispels darkness.    As we have talked about in group many times, this universal  truth states that darkness and light cannot exist in the same space, at the same time.  Another universal biblical truth that does not change and we know that we CAN count on is  .   .   .  truth dispels lies.   Recently someone asked me about emotions, and why I think our lives should be ruled by feelings.  I quickly responded that I absolutely do not believe that we should live being ruled by feelings, but that we also cannot live as if we have no emotions at all!  There is a serious flaw to living a life ruled by feelings.  What if I felt shameful most of the time.  Could you imagine what my behavior would look like if I were fueled by shame?? Yikes!  What if I were afraid most of the time?  Can you picture decisions motivated by fear?  What if I were fueled by pure pride.  Those behaviors might be the scariest of all!  Ha!! 

But as most of us know, and most of us have experienced personally, there is just as serious a flaw to living one's life without emotions, by trying to numb them or stuff them completely.  As most of us know by now, it simply does not work!  It does not give us the life we desire.  More importantly, it does not relieve the pain we are running from.   There is a way to walk in both truth and light!  As we begin to "feel" again, we must be willing to make sure our backdrop is truth.  It would be very difficult for me to walk in shame if I believe the truth that "there is NO condemnation in Christ Jesus".  It would be very  hard for me to behave as a  woman frozen by fear if I truly believe that "God is always with me".  It would be difficult for me to completely ignore my physical needs of nutrition and fitness if I believe that I am "worthy" and "indwelled by the Holy Spirit just because He created me.  Do you see how the backdrop of Truth can begin to dispel the lies we may operate under?  There are so many examples I could use.  Can you think of some examples in your own life?  The other thing that is important to remember is that you must decide or choose what  "Truth" is for your own life.  Once you begin to clarify YOUR truth in your own life, you can begin to root out the lies that are motivating unhealthy behaviors! Clarifying one's own truth is a lifelong process that can be constantly evolving. 

Lasting lifestyle change, is a journey worth investing the time and effort it takes to walk in health and wellness, of spirit, mind, body and emotions!!  As we look to the New Year, and all of the possibilities that it holds, let's be willing to look for Truth and Light, wherever it may be found, knowing that there will be some difficult encounters with Darkness and Lies.  You will have support as you traverse this terrain.  God bless each and every one of you, and may some Truth be revealed to you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, Who embodies Truth to the fullest!

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