Friday, December 11, 2009

H.O.P.E. Highlight

As I have been driving around the city, I have noticed that their are still some folks left who put up Christmas lights all over their front doors, shutters, trees and bushes.  I began to think about how the homes with lights were illuminated and stood out brightly above the other homes on the block without the lights, especially at night.  The same way the star over the manger in Bethlehem shone brighter than all the others because it was meant to illuminate the site of the Lord's birth.  During this season, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, Who is the light of the world.  Those of us who are belivers in Christ are also called to carry out that mission and be a light on a hill, salt and light in a dark world.  I was thinking about how this really does relate to our journey of lifestyle change.  When we truly began to walk out our journey with consistency and perseverence, others begin to notice.  We become hope to others who have not quite begun the journey yet.  We inspire others to take a chance and begin their journey of lifestyle change.  We are the light to those who still feel like they are in a dark place and need hope on this journey.  It's amazing how it works that way. 

During this season, if you need some light to illuminate your path on lifestyle change, then look to those who have had some success at it.  If you have had some sucess at it, then shine brightly and lock arms with another who may just be beginning their journey.  Happy Holidays ladies! 

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