Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little reminder

For anyone interested in coming to the H.O.P.E. Christmas Open House, please contact me directly for more information.  It is going to be a wonderful evening of fun, fellowship and food, drop-in style.  So for anyone who has conflicts, maybe you can come to this gathering before you are off to another one.  That leads me to something I think about often.  That wonderful "all or nothing" mentality that invades our thinking so often.  During the Holiday season, it seems to really fight for front and center head time.  I went to gathering this past weekend, and all I could think of was I'm going to eat some of everything they had available and a bunch of it..  And when I wasn't thinking that, I was thinking I won't have anything, not a taste of anything.  Good grief!  Why can't I default to the middle ground or the leaning into balance place?  What is it that sends me to the edges of all or nothing?  I truly forgot sometimes that I have control of my thoughts, and I can choose to focus on unhealthy things, or I can choose to think about the middle ground, and then walk in it!  It still amazes me how often I just assume that I have no choice or that I am just a poor little victim of my thoughts.  So the good news is that I am not a victim of my thoughts, nor am I left with no choice in the matter.  That is scriptural, that is truth!  I can choose not to think about the all or nothing choices, but to intentionally walk to the middle ground and then ponder the choices available in that area.  I can even take one step furthur and let my behavior reflect it! 

As you go through this Holiday season, remember that when you hear yourself say "I can't wait to eat everything they have at that party and a lot of it because it's a holiday" or "I can't eat anything because I'm on a diet" that the language indicates that you are treading out on the edge of all or nothing thinking. Stop, and walk away from the edge! There ARE other choices.  "Leaning into balance" is the total antithesis of the dreaded  "all or nothing" thinking!  Polar opposites!   What are the messages you hear that are sure indications that you are in the "all or nothing" place?  What are the red flags that you need to listen to over the coming Holiday weeks. . . and after? 

There will be no individual interview this week.  Enjoy your week! 

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kindra said...

I know that my behavior comes out of my thoughts. It is so helpful to be reminded of "leaning to the middle". I did not realize until recently discussing this tool, how much I did the all or nothing in my DIEting and everyday life! I need to renew my mind and take my thoughts captive--if my thoughts have so much control over my behavior (which they do) then I appreciate you reminding me I have power/choice over my thoughts;therefore my behavior. As always, thanks for this relevant reminder/teaching, Julie!