Thursday, October 15, 2009

Practical Ponderings

Hello loved ones! This has been a great week of new beginnings for several of us. I made a commitment with my workout partner to weigh, with each of us knowing each others weight, to make a food journal and to begin journaling our food intake and fitness during the week. When I feel like I am spiraling out of control on this journal of lifestyle change, the thing I know to do is throw out some anchors to stop the spiraling. One of the anchors that I know works is using a food journal to track exactly what and when I am eating. It helps me be conscious of what and how much I am eating, and it helps me know when to eat. Every three to four hours works for me. Also, another anchor is to have a partner in the gym. It keeps me accountable and it is so much more fun and rewarding if I have a partner in crime! Weighing once a week is another anchor that stops the spiraling. I just need to see where I am and how I am doing. If my weight is not going down, and there are no medical reasons for it, then I need to change something in the game plan. This week, several others joined me in this endeavor of throwing anchors out and I want to applaud you. We will ALL do this together. When we feel off track, one of the greatest anchors of all is just admitting it and not trying to hide it. I have done that this week and it seems several others have also. This is the stuff lifestyle journeys are made off. Sometimes on track, and sometimes not, but honestly knowing which is the truth and making the adjustments necessary. Smartest people I know. . . I keep telling ya!!

Have a great week reclaiming your journey ladies!

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Yarbster said...

I agree with all that you said, but my question is this - how do you find a workout partner? I do feel group support (as I stated in group last week that even though I'm on track I still need support), but a missing ingredient for the whole 20 month so far journey for me has been a workout partner. Everything I've done in this endeavor has been solo (although I have loved it when some of us have met and walked together and I do enjoy being in water aerobics class with Dianne on Tuesdays) and it is actually a lonely journey I must admit. I'm not asking for a "fix-it", just responding honestly. I do think one of the biggest keys in my success was when several of us started going to Weight Watchers (even though I had promised myself some years ago that I would never try WW again) together - this partner in crime beginning was just what I needed at that time, and still do. I'm glad several in the group are going to be accountable to each other and I think that will be a great help. Thanks so much Julie for all the anchors you've thrown my way!