Friday, October 9, 2009

H.O.P.E. Highlight

I was talking with a co-worker about a specific scene in the movies that just related so much to the journey of lifestyle change. It was the scene where Indiana Jones is inside the cave or cavern and he's reading the riddle that will get him safely through the cave, when he comes to end of the path. Over the edge, where the path ends, is a drop off into darkness. There is literally nothing below, nothing in front and nothing above him. Just blackness and nothing. His directions however, tell him to take a step right out into the darkness, into the nothing. He ponders. . . to believe the riddle, or to believe what he "sees". The riddle tells Indy to take a 'leap of faith' so he slowly, and with great trepidation, steps out into the void. To his astonishment his foot lands on something solid, yet he appears to be standing in midair.

Indiana Jones could have missed the journey and stayed stuck right there at the end of the path, where he did not want to be. Instead, he took the leap of faith and that one step lead to another and another until he was exactly where he wanted to be! So it is with our journey of lifestyle change. Sometimes our shame, or the racket, or our desire to please others at any cost, or our choice not to use our voice or our co-dependent behaviors keep us stuck at the end of the path, and because we don't understand it all and cannot see in front of us, we just stay stuck right there. We do not have to have it all figured out folks! We can just "take a leap of faith" and trust those who have walked it before us, and just step out into the darkness. One thing that I know that I know that I know. There will either be a hard place for your foot to land, or you will be given wings with which to fly over the darkness and a flashlight to see the way!

There are many times on this journey where we will feel like we are at that drop off, and I am convinced that those are the times that we just need to step. The rest will fall into place. I don't have to know all the why's, when's, where's and how's of my past or my racket or my unhealthy behaviors. I just need to trust the process, trust the heart of God, and be willing to take a leap of faith. Have a great week end ladies. Remember. . .you are the smartest people I know!!


kindra said...

Oh WOW Julie! You must be the smartest of the smartest people you know because this was AMAZING!!! This sooo hit home and was just what I needed to hear and hear and hear. It is Divinely inspired. Thanks! I keep feeling like I'm on the edge of going forward in a big way, but it seems I keep sabotaging myself for many of the reasons you shared. It seems like I'm so close, but so far of moving forward. I've just realized in reading this blog that I am moving forward just by continuing to show up (and for now, that has to be enough). I'm not giving up. I am definitely convinced I'm expecting TOO much of myself right now and just need to slow it down, take the next step in health (no matter the circumstances of my life) and keep trusting God to draw me closer to the edge of health until I fall over fully into it. Thanks!

Sandy Welfare said...

I love this. I have stepped off into the darkness so many times and it's always led to a better place.