Thursday, August 13, 2009

H.O.P.E. Highlight

Last night Cathy, the H.O.P.E. program therapist, was sharing a story from her childhood. She and her sister would listen to Carole King on their old timey record player. In the middle of the song "Way over Yonder", the record skipped during the chorus, and it would go like this "I'm talking bout way over, way over, way over, way over. . . ." and Cathy and her sister actually learned the song that way. Even today when they sing it together, they sing it with the skip in it! We all had a good laugh about this, but then Cathy said "it's much the same with racket".

It really is much the same with racket. So may people have asked me this simple question. "Why do I always gain my weight back after I loose it?" My short answer to that would be that your record has a skip in it and it keeps repeating an unhealthy message that in turn dictates your return to unhealthy eating behaviors. The skip that impacts most people on this journey is shame. The skip that says. . .
I am not enough * I am bad * I can't do it * I'll just fail like always * I should have *

When you hear the words "I should have" in your vocabulary, you can be most sure that shame is lurking very near by. My encouragement to you is to keep your ears open for this phrase in your everyday language. When you can begin to hear yourself saying this, can see the shame message is nearby, and identify it as a lie, then you have lifted the needle on the skipping record of your life. The next step is to actually change the record to a positive, affirming, loving message. I call it changing the record from Trash to Truth. Behavior that flows from racket and lies is unhealthy and behavior that flows from truth and authenticity is healthy.

Do you have a skip in your record? Can you identify what the skips are that keep you in an unhealthy place? It's time to pick the needle up and stop listening to the skip.
Have a great rest of the week and I will see you all on Saturday at the H.O.P.E. One Miler.


kindra said...

Wow--that hits the spot for me. I know I have heard that we will always act out of our beliefs. To even know I need to replace the lie w/ the truth, I have to start by recognizing that I am actually hearing a message when I turn to my drug of choice-food. If I listen before I binge, I am guaranteed to hear a lie about myself. I need to hit the delete button and type in the truth and see what behavior will come out of that! Great write-up, Julie--powerful reminder~thanks!

Yarbster said...

Thanks Julie for that great reminder about shame messages - I needed to hear it again, and again, and skip skip skip skip -
Looking forward to seeing lots of you on Saturday!