Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Practical Ponderings

Hi everyone! Thanks to all who came and supported the H.O.P.E. One Miler. Congratulations to each one of you who crossed the finished line! You will receive your medal and T shirt at a post one miler celebration in group. Although some things did go wrong at the race, there were many things that did go right. One of those things is that each one of you made a commitment to do the race, and each one of you crossed the finish line. That IS a big deal! Another thing that went right was the support I witnessed. People partnered up and supported each other as they went around the track. The best thing that happened that day is that a little idea was hatched. Maybe, just maybe, we, the H.O.P.E. Program, could have our own event or race or one miler in the future. How cool would that be?? Pretty cool if I do say so myself! Now on to more practical things, since it is "Practical Ponderings" week!

Someone recently asked me this question in order to take care of themselves (which makes me jump for joy) and since this blog is for us and issues related to us and our journey towards health and wellness, I am going to put it out there for you guys to respond to. "What are some personal hygiene tips for minimizing sweat, odors and rashes on the skin under folds and bulges?" The summer months in particular are difficult on the body as far as sweat and rashes. When I was anywhere between 250-422 pounds, there were many places that bothered me including under my stomach, under my boobs and really anywhere there was lumps, bumps, nooks and crannies! One of the things that was most helpful for my hygiene and healing in this area was to wash the area with soap and water, dry it well and then apply plain corn starch liberally. The corn starch also helped to keep the sweat in those areas to a minimum.

Any question that relates to taking care of one's body on the journey of lasting lifestyle change is not off limits. Those of us who struggle with our weight tend to have other related issues that we have to deal with. Part of being responsible for ourselves is acknowledging these issues and obtaining the necessary information to properly care for our bodies. Kudos for asking the question, and my deep hope is that others who may have experienced this issue or have medical knowledge on this issue or have heard of something that worked for someone else can chime in with some healthy and helpful input. Thank you all for your ongoing support of this blog. It is serving folks better than you can imagine. Have a great week!


kindra said...

I have actually found great success w/ Desitin (the old fashioned one). I was getting horrible rashes under the folds of my skin. I had an old tube of it that worked wonderfully and when I ran out, I bought a new nighttime Desitin that did not work at all so I found they still made the old version that I used for my kids diaper rash and it has saved me! I am glad this question has been asked because I have really struggled with this! Thanks for the safe place to share and ask questions! Blessings!

Gelina said...

Have I got a product for you. It's by Monistat and its called Chafing Relief Powder Gel. You can find it in the feminine product aisle. I love this product soooo... much.

Daisy said...

It recently occurred to me, that my healing includes taking care of the body I have NOW…the body I’ve been ignoring, and not looking at in the mirror. I’m realizing that this is the body I need to love now. The food I eat is for the body I have now to be healthy, not a diet to lose weight. The exercise I do, is not to be thin, but to bring health to THIS body – the one with the rolls, folds, sweat, odor, itching etc. I’ve really appreciated this question and responses. I went out today and bought my Desitin. Those rolls & folds have been neglected for too long! Any other tips out there?