Friday, March 6, 2015

Logical consequences

Our nugget from two weeks ago was titled "Discipline" so you can understand why I titled this post "Logical consequences".   Most people, including myself at times, run for the hills when they see or think about the word "disciple".  For most of the people in HOPE, this word carries many meanings, none of which are positive.  Children need disciple to feel secure; so do adults.  Discipline means understanding that there are logical consequences to our behavior.  It means taking responsibilty for our behavior and the consequences.  Mostly it means being where we need to beeed to be there, despite our feelings.  Ouch!  That last sentence stung a little bit.  Another important aspect of discipline that many of us often forget, is trusting that our goals will be reached though we cannot see them in the day to day thick of it.  This topic was so meaty in group that we decided to use two tools :)

1.  Name three unattended areas in your life and how you might take a step forward toward discipline in each area.
2.  Name several logical consequences for my behavior. (This can be healthy consequences from healthy behaviors OR unhealthy consequences from unhealthy behaviors)

This week we talked about accepting ourselves.  For many of us on this journey, we are in the midst of discovering just who we are.  For so many years we lost ourselves in the wants, needs, desires and demands of others.  Our perspective and lens through which we view ourselves and the world around us has been distorted because of it.  It is incredibly hard to walk around wearing the wrong prescriptions and then having smudges all over the lens. Part of learning to accepting who we are means accepting where we are for the present moment - to accept our feelings, thoughts, flaws wants, needs and desires.  I love this quote by Carl Rogers: "The curious paradox is that when I can accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

1. Imagine that you are walking around with those glasses on which are the wrong prescription and have smudges on them.  These smudges impact what we see, whether I am looking at myself, others or the world around me.  Name the smudges you see on your glasses right now where you are on your journey. 

Christiane Matey, HOPE Lifestyle - Nutrition Leader now has her own blog which will be a wonderful resource for all of us. It will also be an extremely helpful way for any of you who may miss the meeting to catch up. Her information is so incredibly interesting and helpful. Here is the link to Christiane's blog and her class this week.

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