Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Appreciating myself and removing that victim mentality

Learning to appreciate myself?  That sounds like a tall order!  Last week Michelle led the group as they talked about this topic.  Many of us have learned to be our own worst critic.  Many of us have learned to walk through life constantly apologizing for ourselves.  Many of us have learned to believe that we are less valuable than others.   Enough of that ladies!  Each one of us has a right and a responsibility to be ourselves.  We each have a purpose and an intention for our life!  We are worthy, valuable and talented with innate abilities that are specific to us.  The more we can begin to recognize the qualities and abilities that make us unique, the more we can truly begin to appreciate ourselves.  The tool for last week was:

  • Define 5 things you appreciate about yourself.  Define "appreciate".

"Don't others see how much I'm hurting?" Can't they see I need help?" and "don't they care?".  How many times have I uttered these very sentences.  The issue is not whether others see or care, the issue is whether I see and care.  The reason we point fingers at others, waiting for them to have compassion on us, is because we have not yet fully acknowledged or accepted our pain or taken responsibility for it.  We have not reached the point of caring about ourselves and have taken the stance of a victim.  It is our responsibility to have compassion for ourselves.  In fact, that is the first step toward self-responsibility, self-care and change!  The tool this week is:

  • How has someone else defined you?  How did or how could you redefine yourself?  
Have a great week ladies.  Let me just say one more time, in case I have not said it lately . . . you are the smartest women I know!  Keep up the excellent work!

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