Friday, March 26, 2010

New Life, New Passion

Spring is in the air in a big way.  The beautiful fragrant flowers and blossoming trees represent new life, coming alive after being like dead or dormant.  We are getting ready to celebrate Resurrection Sunday, Easter, and the new life available to us all through Jesus who was dead, and then rose again to new life. 

Boy is that a perfect word picture for our journey of lifestyle change.  I lived in my house, secluded, sitting on my couch watching life happen through a TV screen.  I did not participate in life whatsoever. . .intentionally.  I was unengaged with people and with life and most of all, with myself.  Then spring came!!  Then I began to awaken, I began to get connected with myself, I began to feel, I began to live and I began to engage with others, I began to allow healing, I began to live!!!  New life, new passion for life.  That is what lifestyle change has been for me.  New passion for a healthy and whole life!

Are you stuck in that dormant place of lifestyle change where there are no changes, no new life, no passion?  Maybe you are ready for change, and just gearing up for new life.  Have you found new life and in turn found your passion?  This journey of lifestyle change is filled with wonderful and challenging turns all along the way, but what it always brings is NEW LIFE!  That's why it is worth the search and the hard work, because it brings NEW LIFE.  And not just new life, but beautiful, fragrant, blossoming new life!  That's the best news of all ladies!

Enjoy your weekend.

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Janice said...

Thanks Julie! I am reminded again of recently reading Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" and how it inspires me to make my own story and make it more interesting by participating in life rather than watching others' lives play out on my TV screen (while I eat ice cream!) I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read with plenty of inspiration.

Springtime is my favorite season. It becomes sprintime in my life when I choose to create new memories and experiences by taking risks that are worth can be an adventure. It is my choice to step out or stay stuck. I choose springtime! I choose adventure. I choose healthy risks! I don't want to look back with a million "what if's".