Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tiny Tidbits

I want you to put your thinking caps on, close your eyes and go back to age 10 or 12 or even 18. What did you think your life would look like when you grew up. Did you think you would be married, or have children? If so, how many children. What did you think you would be? A teacher or a doctor, or did you think you would not work outside the home and raise children? What picture did you paint? What dream did you have for your life?

Of course, many of us, if not most would say that the picture they painted of their life when they were younger is not even close to the reality they live out today. Many of us, if not most would also say that there is a disappointment, deep regret or even bitterness that their life did not turn out like they had hoped or dreamed. That gap between the picture or dream and our reality can become a cesspool for painful suppressed emotions that in turn promote unhealthy behaviors.
When we let go of this picture that we painted about our life, and just allow the story to unfold as God intended, it creates a whole world of expansion for growth and other things to come in.
A life that is much bigger and fuller, in so many other ways than we had imagined, will emerge.

So it is with our journey of lifestyle change. Many of us have painted a picture of this journey we are on. Many of us have painted the picture of "I've failed so many times before, why will this time be different" or "I'll never be able to eat anything good again" or "I'm going to loose this weight and then never gain a pound again" or "I'm going to be a size. . . (you fill in the blank) or my favorite "Once I loose this weight, then I'm done forever with this journey". The point is that we miss out on so much this journey has to offer by painting a picture in advance. It also leaves so much room for disappointment when we posture this way. God has so much waiting for each one of us, day by day, as it unfolds, step by step. We only have to be willing to be on the journey. Sometimes He leads us up a hill and the journey is challenging which provides our muscles for life. Sometimes He lets us slide down the hill and the journey seems easier which teaches us confidence. God will provide all the lessons and scenery along the road. Trust that He will give each one of us what we need, right when we need it.

My encouragement for all of us this week, and the rest of this year, is to allow the journey to unfold, as we take the baby steps forward. God will provide all the rest! Have a great week and take some time to enjoy the scenery on this wild and wonderful journey called lifestyle change!

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Eilene said...

These are such encouraging words. To know that my life does not have to be the perfect life that I planned or pictured, yet it can still be full.