Thursday, September 24, 2009

Practical Pondering and Julie's Journal

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all are having a great week this week as we move into the fall season and cooler weather. Fall has always been my favorite time of year for the obvious reason of much needed cooler weather, but also because of the vibrant colors everywhere you look. Unfortunately, it has been a very difficult beginning of the season for my family as my mother has been very sick. She is receiving the best of medical care and we are hopeful that it will result in the return of her health to a meaningful degree. Thank you for all of your concern, cards and prayers. They are deeply appreciated.

"If you are in your comfort zone, then you are likely not in the will of God." I heard this statement recently and it really resonated with me. Then almost immediately, I related it to the journey of lasting lifestyle change. For me, "comfort zone" means all the places I know so well, all the places that feel comfortable only because they are familiar to me. When I find myself in those known places on my journey of lifestyle change, the odds that I am growing in a healthy direction are fairly slim.

Walking in new and unknown places are what cause me to stretch and grow. Comfort zones, or the known, keep me in the old and unhealthy places. This unknown, rocky, brier filled, pot-hole covered path is what will stretch us and build our muscles and ultimately create the "lasting" in lasting lifestyle change. Can you relate to this, and if so, in what way? Can you name the comfort zones on your journey of lasting lifestyle change? What are some ways to intentionally stay away from the comfort zones in our lives and walk toward the unknown?

Enjoy your week end and I look forward to seeing you next week!


Frances said...

Wow, that was tough to read. I think the word "comfortable" has to be defined, according to Wiktionary, as "Leaving little risk, safely reliable," rather than lack of pain in this instance. My "comfort" is in the usual, often painful place with which I am familiar. It is comfortable only because I can anticipate the result, the usual pain. I am not at risk for some more scary result.
I took a big leap from my comfort zone last Spring; then just when job, home, and school seemed to be coming together, the various pieces fell apart. My fears of the house contract falling through, of the new job being cut by the budget, of postponing classes again have ALL come to pass and guess what? It's not so bad! I am holding onto the future that I still look forward to while wading through the muck of what didn't work out, AND IT'S OK!

Yarbster said...

I agree with Frances that this was a tough pondering to read and accept, but I do understand it and accept the truth in it. I am definitely out of my comfort zone these days in some ways and wondering what truly is God's will. And at the same time I'm hanging on to certain comfort zone things like I'm holding on for dear life. Today's economy has been hard for all of us without a doubt, and I'm just not ready to give in to the troublesome times. But I don't have much option in some particular ways and as I continue looking for a job and exploring what God's will is for both my husband and myself regarding employment I find myself feeling "I'd rather just go on an eating binge and forget it." I've been able to avoid doing so but it seems to get harder with time. As I realize this discomfort with the way things are may mean we are truly searching for God's will I pray that I will cope more in the days to come. I really appreciate Julie, HOPE, and my supportive friends especially through these lonely times (thanks to all of you for helping ease the pain!).