Friday, September 11, 2009

H.O.P.E Highlight

Hi ya'll! That's quite a southern greeting, isn't it! Hope you have had a great week and made some forward momentum in your journey of lifestyle change. Lifestyle change. What exactly does that mean? Have you ever thought about it? "Lifestyle" is described as a pattern of behaviors and attitudes. The definition of "change" is becoming different, passing from one phase to another.

This past week someone lamented about the boocoos of time she spent buried in self help books on change. Her great intentions never produced any lasting lifestyle transformation. The missing element? ACTION! It takes action to create change. That simple! OK, OK, I know it's not THAT simple, but we don't need to make it so complicated either.

Are you stuck in the mire of learning how to change without taking the steps to move forward OR are you taking some type of action step on your journey right now? Please share any motivating tips you may have in regards to getting up and moving forward. Ladies, take a few minutes this week to check the momentum of your journey. Make your efforts count!


Gelina said...

I sure can relate to reading self help books, mainly diet type books.I have been on this journey for a while now. I know it takes action steps,yet I just realized that I have once again turned toward another book!! What's up with that! Am I still under the false pretence that these may be that "magic bullet". I know that that is a lie. So..thank you HOPE for once again shining that light that makes me turn towards action. For me, that is moving more, watching my carb intake, and checking my blood sugar daily.

Frances said...

Thanks to all my HOPE friends. I am unable to come to HOPE due to time commitments elsewhere (work and spiritual), and this Blog keeps me in the loop. THANK YOU!

Regarding action, I have to be reminded daily. I love to live in my head. I am a great planner, but a plan is a useless waste without the work to carry it out.

The HOPE tool I use everyday is a reminder at 4:30 (I have changed the time according to my schedule and usual "freakout because its not done" feeling)(I use Google calendar to list it, then send a text reminder to my cell phone.) The reminder is "ID FEELING, ID NEED, ID ACTION, THEN DO & TRUST". I have shared this before; it is still working for me.

Frances said...

ME Again,
I was unable to respond to the post regarding rashes. I have many folds and infections have been numerous. My management solution is Burroughs for drying and soothing (in pharmacy shelves.) Then, when the rash is minimal, I use deoderant/antiperspirant to keep it from returning! Yep, it's not just for underarms! Underboobs, undergutflap, underthighflap... you name it, it works to keep those rashes from starting. And you never have to worry about someone borrowing your deoderant again (tee-hee)!
One of these days, I will be at goal and God will help me find a way to get all this extra skin off! Meanwhile, Burroughs and Suave keep me sane.... ff