Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Practical Ponderings

This is the third week of our blog, which has been named "Practical Ponderings". I would like this week of the month to be where we talk about the practical things we do to make lifestyle change happen. Since we talk so much about the emotional piece of this journey, I wanted there to be a place where we can talk about how the "rubber meets the road" for each of us. Some of us love to walk, and we like Weight Watchers to show us how to eat. Some of us love to swim, and we do not like to subscribe to any point counting for our eating. Some of us hate exercise but count calories for our food intake. This journey is so individual, and looks different for each one of us, depending on our history, our health and our circumstances. I have found that as we share what works for us, it almost always helps someone else on their journey. Please share this week one of your favorite practical tips, whether it falls under the spirit, mind, body, as long as it relates to your journey of lifestyle change.

I'll start with one of my practical tips that always seems to serve me well. Water, water, water! The more water I drink, the better I feel and the more it facilitates health, wellness and weight loss. How about you, what is a tip that serves you well on this journey of lifestyle change?


Joan said...

Good afternoon everyone!

To me, practical translates to "best practices." One of my best practices is to keep a food journal. I helps me to write down what I have eaten during the day as well as to track my exercise. I feel the happiest when I know I am in control and my journal helps me feel that way. I think of it more as a friend than as a chore. It also helps me stay action oriented; I feel best when I can see the forward steps I am taking.

I have recently had company and during the visit I didn't track my food. I was aware I was eating more but then we also have to remember that being practical also requires that we should be forgiving about slip ups!

Happy day to all!


Frances said...

Wow, practical. Today, I am not feeling very practical. Practical does mean showing up for the meeting. Making plans and scheduling so that the meeting is as important as work or children or any other non-negotiable in my life. Of course, that is exactly where I am failing now as I have taken a tutoring job during the meeting times and have had to compensate by attending elsewhere. As the school year ends, I will be adjusting.

That scheduling of time needs to go with exercise and food journaling as well for me. It is easy not to log on and "avoid", but this work is as important as any other daily routine for health and happiness...

Missin' ya'll, francie

Janice said...

Hello HOPE Friends,

My best common denominator is walking. Even if I have a not-so-healthy food day, I feel better about myself when I take a long brisk walk. I have a 4 mile route that takes me about an hour. It's a great time to think, pray, dream, and even talk on the phone a little (although some of my friends don't like to hear me breathing heavy) :)
I try to walk this route 5 times a week.

If anyone is reading this and feeling discouraged because you are not able to walk 4 miles right now--please know that I had to work up to it over time. Just start with whatever you can do--you might be surprised at how good it feels once you get in the groove. I still get surprised at how much I like it. I even enjoy feeling things jiggle! I imagine some of that extra weight jiggling right off. :) And it has.

I also like to write down what I eat and try to do that most days. And the water tip of Julie's is very helpful, too. On a great day, I do all of these things (walk, write down food intake, and drink lots of water). Today was a great day--the first in awhile...Yippee!

In Tuesday group we talked about how it can be helpful to look at this as a journey and not as a "prize" to attain. I think for me, I like a little of both--it is definitely a lifelong journey and will always have its ups and downs, but it helps me to set small goals that I see as prizes. For example, I don't think I will ever be able to keep an exact weight (number) but a goal I have is staying within a range. I have exceeded that range recently so I am choosing to be purposeful and I have set a goal to get back in the range. That range is a prize for me. Otherwise, it is a slippery slope as we all know. I am still working on not sliding...

I enjoyed getting to attend both groups this week and HOPE to do that as long as I am free to do so. Both are great and as unique as each person getting to know you all!


Joan said...

Thanks for your post Janice. I too am committed to walking as much as I can. When I first started my life style change back in 1999 I was about 80 pounds heavier than I am now. As part of my plan I started walking on the Harris Y outside track. It was very difficult and I felt self conscious but I kept it up. My walking ability and speed increased dramatically as the weight began to come off. My self confidence soared.

Recently as I was speed walking around the track I passed a woman who was probably about the same size I was when I started this journey. I said hello to her and she said to me in a wishful voice that she wished she could walk like I was. I told her to just keep taking a step at a time. What she didn't see were the tears I was shedding after I passed her. I knew so much what she was going through that it touched my heart. They were also tears of gratitude for the changes I had made and for the track! If I could hug the Harris Y track I would -- I'd even give it a kiss but that's probably going too far!! That track is one of my best friends; I've laughed on it, cried on it, shared it with friends and enjoyed the solitude it offers as well.

Janice said...

"Do you want to get well?" That is a question that Jesus asked a man who had been an invalid for 38 years! I heard this again in church this morning and I felt compelled to share it with you. I think this is a question for me, for you, for everyone who desires lifestyle change..."Do you want to get well?"

Why did Jesus ask the man if he wanted to get well? Was that a stupid question? I don't think so. Getting well demands change. Getting well requires courage. Getting well means being open to a new identity (for some). Getting well means having no more excuses for not fully participating in life. Do you want to get well?

Something more to ponder today...

Yarbster said...

Janice, I appreciate your comments on "do you want to get well?" I recently heard a sermon on the same passage (last week I think) and thought a lot about it too. YES, I do want to get well. And that desire in itself comes from God - there was a time when no I didn't want to get well, but through "acting as if" He has brought me to the place of wanting to get well, AND STAY WELL! The questions you asked that go along with this question are great - and yes it does take courage, change and being open to a new identity. And yes I do want all of that. I thank God for putting all of that into my heart and soul. Yarbster