Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Intention in 2014

Oh how I love that word!  Especially when it relates to my own life and my journey towards growth and change.  We had an awesome discussion in group today about the difference between the words "goal" and "intention".  Intention seems to have some built in grace and some forward momentum and direction.  Goal seems to leave room for disappointment and at times the inability to obtain or accomplish that goal.  With intention, I can continue with forward momentum while adjusting my aim, purpose or objective.  It really was a rich discussion in the difference in the words and just how powerful vernacular can be in our lives.

As this week, month and year unfolds, I encourage you to appreciate the importance of intention in your life.  What would you like to have happen in your life this year?  What particular areas of growth would you like to see?  What blocks would you like to have removed? 

The new year stands before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.  We can help write the story.  Intention can become the internal plum-line on the journey towards health and wellness in 2014.     

What does "intention" mean to you?  How does it relate to your journey of lifestyle change?  What is YOUR intention?  How will you get there?


Janice Lawrence said...

Yay Julie! I was so happy to get this reminder today. I loved our discussion...very hopeful about this new year and intentionally cultivating a more meaningful life. That's my banner over 2014...and the title of the unwritten book of this new year. Thanks for making a difference in our lives. You make my journey sweeter!

Julie Hall said...

Thank you Janice. There is nothing more meaningful to me than to sow my life into yours and the others in our awesome HOPE group!

Yarbster said...

I'm sorry I missed group on Tuesday, as it sounds like a very important discussion that I needed very much. I hope to be there next week and am thinking through the tool - thanks for sending it. Love you and appreciate all you do for HOPE!
I have every INTENTION of continuing to move forward in my journey of lifestyle change and in being at HOPE meetings whenever possible.

Julie Hall said...

Yarb it was awesome seeing you today! You certainly are continuing this journey and it shows. Hope to see you next week and I too will continue to think about the intentions in my life :)