Friday, October 1, 2010

Attic Sale

I decided a few months back that I was going to clean out my house and have an attic sale.  In fact, my new mantra for the past several months has been "I've decided I'm living light!"  I have been cleaning out closets and going through drawers and pulling stuff out of the storage room.  More stuff piled on top of more stuff.  My home literally feels 300 pounds lighter.  I can breathe in it again.  I can move in it again.  Most of all, I can live in it again.  Why didn't I do this years ago? 

The more I dig through the layers of my life, the more I realize that I keep much of the same junk stored up inside of me.  Years of untruthful messages on top of years of shame piled on the years of doubt, fear and insecurities.  Just as my house felt so heavy and weighted down with junk, so my life feels the same.  I believe my weight represents the layers of all this stuff I hold on to.  I have decided to have an internal attic sale.  It is time for me to begin to take out one layer at a time and toss it if it is not truthful, helpful or promoting health and wellness in my life.  I am ready to clean out the internal layers that keep me so weighted down. 

I challenge you to look in the closets and drawers and storage rooms of your own life and see if there is some stuff that can be tossed.  What a difference it can make and there's one thing I am sure of today. . .  .  I don't want it weighing me down any more!

Have a great week end!

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Antoinette said...

Thank you for sharing, Julie. Your message is so timely to where I am and what I'm dealing with on the inside. As usual, your voice rings clear and distinctly different than all the other voices giving input.

Even when I don't have time to comment every time, reading your blog is so encouraging. I pray for your healing, but also gain insight how to live with the "list" of ailments wrong in my body without wallowing in self-pity when giving up would be so much easier.

Being a sentimental person, I only recently gave myself permission to let go of souvenirs from my past that are not helpful or healthy for me today. You're right about the layers, but as hard as it is, I decided it's ok for me to cry as I'm peeling off the layers - tears are a normal response to peeling a real onion, too. Perhaps that's why I dislike and dread either task. I know I'll feel so much better if I keep at it. After reading your post, I'm encouraged to keep going.

Thanks again, Julie! :0)