Friday, May 21, 2010

Shifting ground

Well as most of you know by now, we are changing some things around with the H.O.P.E. Program for the summer.  Our current thereapist Kimmie will no longer be with us after May 27th.  Please make sure and thank Kimmie for her contribution to our program while she was with us.  We will have another therapist named Amy beginning on June 8th and will be with us throught the summer.  We have decided to end the Thursday evening group after May 27th for the summer and will make a decision about starting it back in the Fall.  Also, as of this moment, I have decided to cancel the surgeries I was scehduled for in June and leave the option open to reschedule for a later date if I feel it's necessary.  The pain in my feet from the Neuropathy is much better.  In fact, I walked 3 miles yesterday and feel great today and plan on walking 3 more miles today.  I did have acupunture for pain and feel like it had a profound impact on the pain I was experiencing.  I am most, most grateful to the Lord for the relief! 

With all these changes, it can certainly feel like walking on shifting ground.  I have felt that way many times in the past several months.  What I have made a decision not to do every single time I feel like I am stumbling is to shove lots of unhealthy food down my mouth.  I made a decision to go back to the gym right in the middle of all this shifting .  I also made a decision to start a new group exercise class.  I have also talked about it with close friends.  Every now and then, not nearly as often as I used to, I will make a choice to sit and eat out of an emotional place.  It does not change the shifting, but at least I know that I know that now.  Took a long time to get there!  Thank you all for your support during this time of more transition, and for reminding me that the Anchor holds, even in the times of great movement.  My Anchor is the Truth, which is the Word of God and what that tells me about me!  It's a great reminder to us all that we can rely on the Truth, during the stable and unstable times, and that the racket never holds us or serves us well!

Have a great weekend!


kindra said...

I am so thankful to God for providing you pain relief, Julie and for the postponement of the surgeries!!! Yay! I am also thankful for your continual effort to be there for us, pouring your time,love,experience, strength and transparency, into our lives, in the midst of your own trials and challenges.

Hope has been such a blessing in my life. The tools and relearning opportunities have been invaluable and life-changing. I have felt from the day I walked in that God had led me there and would use it in my life if I showed up and did the work.

Having said all that, I would like to say, I, too have had my struggles, but somehow showing up to Hope even when I was messing up with my eating, or felt like doing what I've always done: isolate when I'm doing "bad" has kept me on the journey. HOPE has made a difference in my life because of the people that show up and share and that I'm safe to share with.

So...where is everyone?!! You are each missed! I get so much out of everyone sharing. When you aren't there, I miss your wisdom, experience and support. I know summer can be hectic, but I would love to see us all commit to show up when we can! Much love and appreciation for all of you HOpe sisters!!

Frances said...

My "shifting ground" has been a "" earthquake! But I know that God is shaking me up for great things to come.

The first of May, after 16 months of "hanging on" and "rushing around" as I tried to sort out my future (I was carrying 3 house keys for my different "homes" and 3 work keys for my different "jobs" and 3 eight-gig jumpdrives for my different "activities"), I hit my bottom: homeless, jobless, and $61,000 in debt...

Daily, sometimes hourly, I would ask God to reveal His Will, and I kept (and keep) doing the next right thing.

Three weeks later, I have found a home that will hold me until God's Will for my next work is revealed. A source of income has opened up that was not available until this moment due to all those actions I took over the last year, which enables me to "Be Still and Listen" for God's direction. My creditors will be sorted as my financial counselor helps me find the path for settling my debts.

After the earthquake, God's Will is being revealed. Thank God for "Shifting Ground!"