Monday, April 12, 2010

Satisfying my wander lust

It has been an incredibly harrowing and stressful this past week and a half!  In that time my mother almost, well, let's just say she became extremely sick and was in ICU for a week and a day, then has been moved to a regular room where she is as I write this.  She is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow to go to Rehab for a couple of weeks.  She has what the Dr. calls global weakness, the aftermath of such serious illness.  The other pressing issue this past week has been whether to go on my long planned trip to Israel or to cancel it.  After deciding not to go several times, we all decided as a family that I should go after my mother turned the corner on Friday.  Between a very sick Mom and long hospital stays and the on and off again trip, I was just about to crack on Thursday and Friday.  By Saturday the clouds moved out, the sun appeared and all is right with the world again.  Mmmm  Not!  But after much prayer and family conversation, we have all decided, including me, that I will go tomorrow on my trip to several countries, including Israel.  I have set up another blog so that my family and friends can check in on me and see pictures and hear what I've been up to.  Here is that address.
Just go to that website anytime you like and I should be updating it every day or so with pictues and adventures.   

I will miss you ladies deeply.  I know you will use your time in group well until I return.  God bless each and every one of you.  I love you all and remember. . . You are the SMARTEST people I know!!  Without any doubt!!


Janice said...

Have a wonderful trip Julie! You are LIVING and fully Participating in life (not sitting on the sidelines)...congratulations! Keep us posted and we will pray for a wonderful and meaningful trip.

Kimmie said...

Right on, Janice. Julie you are such a TRIP and I am enjoying the adventure. Thank you for sharing this opportunity of yours with us. You go girl.

kindra said...

Once again, you set the inspiring example of living life, dearest Julie! Have an incredible time with your focus on where your feet are--He will take care of your Mom! We look forward to your return and that last blog on the eagle and everyone's response blew me away--high up into the air--soaring! Lots of love and gratitude for you!