Friday, July 10, 2009

H.O.P.E. Highlight

We had a great conversation yesterday in H.O.P.E. about the roots that we cultivate and nurture as we are on this journey of lifestyle change. A comment that really reminded me of my journey toward change, especially during the first year or so was as follows:

"My roots feel like they are wadded up and restricted with no room to grow, like some of the roots are choking the life out of everything else. I need room to breathe and grow and change."

We talk about how important it is to have roots on this journey. Strong deep roots. But what if those roots we are nurturing are strong, deep unhealthy roots? Then the fruit or leaves(behavior) we produce will be unhealthy also. Some of the unhealthy roots I struggled to pull up out of my life were shame, fear, isolation, rejection and rage just to name a few. They were choking the life out of the very plant they were intended to support and nurture. Just like the comment above, the rotten roots in my life were actually choking the life out of me. I was simply existing, over 400 pounds with very few relationships that were healthy, and was just about completely smothered in shame. My behavior was dictated by fear and rage and shame, so I ate. . . and ate. . . and ate. . . and ate!

I too needed room to breathe. . . and grow. . . and change. Remember, some of these sick roots can be very deep(from childhood) and can be very strong(lies or racket). How would you prune these unhealthy roots out? How would you find healthy seeds that would produce healthy roots? How can you nurture the new healthy seeds as they begin to take root in your life. These healthy roots will allow you to breathe. . . and grow. . .and change!

Hope to see you next week. Have a fun, safe and healthy weekend!

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