Friday, September 26, 2008

Hard Times

OK, so the nugget this week was titled "Getting through hard times". Many times in group I have mentioned that God gives us what we need when we need it. Well this week was no different. That nugget came just in time for me. I left group this week and found myself driving around looking for gas since I was on an eighth of a tank. I looked at 9 gas stations on the way to a Dr.'s appointment and each one had those bags over the handles indicating "NO GAS". As each of the stations left me high and dry, the fear began to mount. Well, Tuesday passed and by Wednesday, I was wondering what in the world I was going to do. I was in a serious spiral of fear, doubt and frustration. By Thursday, I had already decided that I was going to be found dead in my Condo, because I was going to be trapped and stranded due to the fact that there was no gas left in the entire world. OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but not too much of one. I really was thinking in a panicky way, and full of fear. Now let me get back to the nugget this week. And I "We can use the feelings during a hard time to fine-tune our skills and our relationship with God OR we can go through these situations suffering, and storing up bitterness. THE CHOICE IS OURS" Now come on. . . .how many times in a week do I say choice, choice, choice! Ouch! It hit me like a ton of bricks on Thursday morning that I was actually making a choice to ride the downward spiral I was in. Can I say Ouch one more time. So I did make a choice. A choice to stop. I focused on THE truth, not what the media was telling me, not what my irrational fears were telling me and not what the mayor was telling me. THE truth says that I serve the Living God Who provides for ALL my needs. Period. Not if there is gas, not if I have cash and not if God is in the mood to help. It is a non-negotiable promise straight from God's heart to my ear. There are no conditions on that promise. So I can be absolutely sure that my God WILL supply ALL my needs. . . Oh how powerful that promise is. The fear level dropped off the radar. I began to feel strong and assured that no matter what the state of my city, my nation and my world is, that my Father will meet my needs, whatever they are. What a relief. What a relief! If you find yourself spiraling out of control in a hard situation, and your emotions are all over the map, my encouragement to you is to just stop. Stop and reflect on what your truth is, not someone else's. Stop and reflect on the tools that you have gathered along the journey of lifestyle change. Stop and make the choice to learn from the situation and grow.


kindra said...

Wow~I awakened this morning early to sit and do some God reading. I had not been reading long when my mind wandered off to two very FEARFUL, difficult situations I am in the midst of. It wasn't long before I was "catastrophizing" both and feeling hopeless. Then I became overwhelmed, despairing and HUNGRY. Until I read this God message to me from Julie, I forgot I have a choice. A choice to think on things that are lovely, praiseworthy and excellent. A choice to believe God has is in control--I am not God! He knows what He has promised me and He will keep His promise to provide and take care of these things I truthfully have no control over. He will take care of my needs no matter what! I also have the choice to worry and think doom and gloom;therefore, eating to soothe those feelings. Gee, believe God will take care of it or choose to believe it's hopeless and binge?! For today I choose to believe He's better at these problems than I am. I will choose to not eat over this~just for today! Thanks, Julie!

Yarbster said...

How encouraging! And yes, in the midst of hard times, God is still in control. And ultimately He has already won the battle, and since we're on His side, what do we have to fear? But then we get down to the daily tasks such as finding gas and wonder how that reassurance will help us with this gas problem. I only know that we have to keep looking to Him and even if we're trapped at home He is there with us and for us.
In the midst of my own daily struggles (the kind of gas that keeps me going each day - the Lifter of my head is the only thing that fills me), last night my husband and I were invited out to dinner and to see the moview "Fireproof" - what a refreshment that was. I encourage everyone, especially married couples, to see it!

Gelina said...

This is so true! I needed this at this time in particular!!